Centre for Mathematics and Science

Are you keen on doing science experiments outside of a formal classroom setting? If so, the centre for mathematics and science is for you. Its aim is to help students who may have very little enthusiasm for mathematics or science.

We aim to boost achievement in these subject areas by providing a stimulating environment external to the school, for students to relax and enjoy hands on experiments and activities. It removes the pressures and distractions of a normal classroom.

You will get the opportunity to use very modern equipment in a university laboratory. It also means you will get to do more experiments yourself rather than watch demonstrations being done by the teacher.

The experiments you do are intended to greatly increase your understanding of science concepts normally covered in lessons. It will hopefully boost your confidence and make you more enthusiastic about science.

Where does mathematics come in? Well, experiments are not done in isolation. They form part of a structured programme of study being followed at school. There are many instances where mathematics and science overlap, particularly where the use of formulae are concerned. In effect, some experiments will be done to demonstrate the application of mathematics concepts. An understanding of how mathematics and science are connected can foster a deeper understanding and enjoyment of both subjects.

Please let us know if you are interested in using these centres. You can pursue this as a programme on its own, or as part of an existing package. In any case, it is priced to be affordable by all.

Phone: Office – 02081338224       Mobile – 07816249741

Email: learn@leptoneducation.com

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