What services do you offer?

We provide home tuition and distance learning courses to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of students. Various packages are offered which are carefully tailored to suit the needs of individuals. You will need to contact us with your requirements in order to determine the level of support, or the type of programme which will be most suitable for you.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is designed specifically for any college or high school student who feels they are struggling or underachieving in any area of mathematics or science. It also provides support for undergraduate mathematics, physics, engineering and business students.

Any member of the wider community who feels they need to improve on their mathematics or science knowledge is welcome. This applies in particular to those who are about to embark on a related course of study, but needs to boost their subject knowledge or confidence.

Do you offer complete courses?

Yes. However, you will need to make your own arrangements for examinations.

What does it cost?

Home tuition costs £25 per hour or £100 per month unlimited for two subjects. This is great value for money, as it works out at less than half what you would typically pay per hour. Other programmes are offered at even lower prices.  Please see SERVICES.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes. We give you the opportunity to start lessons before paying. You then pay if you decide to go ahead. We expect a decision after the first two lessons.

How are payments to be made?

Payments can be made when the tutor visits, or via cheque, PayPal or directly into a bank account. We will send an invoice containing payment details. Simply choose the payment method most convenient for you.

What strategies do you use to ensure the student progresses?

Frequent assessments and carefully designed material. We provide material that is quite easy to follow. We then guide you through if you do get stuck, as well as review the material with you to ensure that it is fully understood.

The student will be expected to submit a short piece of work following each session. It is then marked and returned within twenty four hours. This is our way of ensuring that the student is working at the desired standard. In addition, we contact the student and parent frequently to ensure they are on target to complete any assignments given.

How will assessment be done?

Assessments will be done mainly through assignments in the form of worksheets or examination type questions. We will ask you to complete, scan and email or upload your answers. This is marked and returned within 24 hours.

Do you tutor via the internet?

Yes. We use a video conferencing programme for this. You will find this to be far superior to the typical home visits. It offers unlimited support and access to our fantastic resources.

Who are distance learning courses for?

Anyone can participate in our distance learning courses including students already enrolled on similar courses elsewhere. Our aim is to maximise the chance of you doing exceptionally well.

Do you provide help with homework and assignments?

Yes. However we will only guide you by filling in gaps in your knowledge to help you complete your assignment successfully. We will never complete an assignment for anyone.