I think that the tutoring service provided by Lepton Education is a useful implement alongside any education received in school. I have found it very accessible alongside my AS courses of Biology and Chemistry as I feel that the material provided is informative yet understandable, and focused on the key information needed to cover the syllabuses that you are studying. My own tutoring is based online, which I feel is a good option and makes this more convenient in terms of timing the sessions for your own requirements, and the fact that if I have any additional questions, I can just call my tutor, and he will discuss these with me. You may also find, similar to me, because of the way the information is presented you may be provided with a fresh outlook on the subject, and you will start to understand the information on the work more easily, and this therefore provides you with a more efficient way of learning.

Also, it is useful to have someone explain the specific areas that you have found challenging, to help resolve the issues on certain parts of a topic you may have already covered but not fully understood at school. This is done by informing your tutor which area you would like to cover before the session, and then they can prepare material for you to look over in the session. Furthermore, I have found it helpful to have the resource of past papers and to receive them back marked, as this really highlights the areas on which you may need to improve, this may be by revising the material provided, or completing additional questions.

Overall, I would recommend this service to students who have a reasonable understanding of the topics they wish to cover, yet still have unanswered questions or issues that they wish to discuss further. I have found that this tutoring service is very useful for fully cementing understanding, and in some cases getting to know material before it is covered in class, which also helps with providing a head start, so you truly understand the topic at the end of the teaching.                                                Francesca, North London

Mr. Robinson is a very dedicated tutor who shows in his teaching that he enjoys his job.

He is organised  with his work, arranging lessons and giving out homework. He has a good subject knowledge. There is continuity in the topics he teaches and moves forward. His method seems to be steady; he introduces the new topic, teaches, gives homework, goes back if child is not confident. My son finds his tutoring interactive and virtual which facilitates the learning at one’s comfort (home). Mr. Robinson is a very polite and flexible tutor. My son feels he has benefited a lot from this tuition. Thanks to Mr. Robinson. Radhika, East London

I find your tuition sessions very useful. It helps reinforce the knowlegde you have gained from school and helps develop your understanding further as some teachers don’t go into detail in many things. With your sessions you tend to go into those details. Also with your sessions you help me work around my weak points which colleges and schools fail to help me with.                                                                                                  Tabassum, East London

I really enjoyed your tutoring because you were on hand to help me whenever I needed you, even outside of session hours which was a massive bonus and of great benefit for me especially during the exam period.

At first I was very apprehensive about this revolutionary online tutoring, but it was so convenient for me to send you files instantly to discuss during each session. On the other hand, with tutors that visit your home, you would only be able to have one or two hours per week with them and it would be difficult to cover the problems you had in that time.

I really enjoyed your tutoring because you let me decide on what I wanted to do with you on each session. Sending you exam questions that we would go through really did benefit me over the course of the year, and if I was still stuck on a topic, you would give me very detailed and concise presentations and questions in order to seal my knowledge. I was really motivated for each lesson, because a lot of individual preparation and organisation is needed in order to make swift progress for each lesson, and to achieve my goals for each week.

I think you are a very friendly, approachable and respectful tutor regardless of their ability. You have great patience and you have a very unique service that is affordable for all. I have also realised that you are far more interested in the student’s progress than what goes in your bank account!! There are not many tutors like you, and I thank you for the effort you put in for me!

Thanks again,                                                                                                           Enosh, West London

I looked long and hard for a tutor that was flexible to the parents and child needs

My son has been studying with you for a considerable amount of time studying Math whilst we felt that Mathis was our sons strong points his maths knowledge has enhanced to a great ability to problem solve and breakdown various question sets to work out the correct solutions

At the beginning of the tuition we provided the school curriculum to ensure that we were preparing our son for the exams ahead.

I am really happy with the tuition patience and dedicated time allocated to our son that has a really busy schedule

For this year our sons mock exams are now complete he completed 3 in total and approached each exam with confidence and the knowledge to answer all questions

The results will be received in August and we will be excited to open the envelope. Dawn, Reading

I am very pleased with Michael’s approach to tutoring.

What we especially like are the facts that Michael is a very patient tutor who has extensive knowledge of his subjects area, he possesses the personal touch (puts the pupil at ease so they don’t feel intimidated) and  he explains things in a simple logical way

that is easy to understand; yet challenges the pupil to think about what they are doing and ask why.

Additionally we like his genuine concern for the progress of his pupils, he avails himself

in between lessons and tries to prepare his pupils for upcoming school tests/exams.

My daughter has definitely progressed and grasped more understanding of maths, she has had better test results in class since her tutoring with Michael, however her end of year exam result although improved, was not as high as I would have expected.    Diane, South London

The approach to learning Ifound to be very unique and incredibly useful. The tutoring is an aid to revision in the sense that it gives you extended information on certain subjects you are not to good at. The tutor provides you with the information you seek with user friendly and highly detailed online documents. If these documents don’t clear up the problems you have then the tutor will.

the tutoring I found to be excellent, intuitive, highly professional and friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling.                                                                           Lewis, North London