Mathematics and Science Tutoring – KS2 to A’ level

Tutoring packages from £69 per family per month

High quality, low price tutoring

Looking for affordable and effective tutoring? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to tutoring, we offer the best value for money.

You are likely to find Lepton Education listed on other websites where you would have to pay just to contact us. This could be a fixed fee or a percentage of the fee we charge per lesson. Not only that, but some sites force you to use their own platforms. Contacting us directly avoids all that, so you get all the flexibility and benefits we offer. For example, all other sites offer hourly rates, whereas we offer the same or better quality tuition on a weekly basis for what you would typically pay for an hour.

We leverage the power of the internet to provide the highest quality lessons at a reasonable price. To be clear, our lessons are not cheap, just very affordable. We believe every child who needs it should have access to high-quality academic support without being subjected to limitations imposed by financial circumstances.

Family package

From just £69 per month per family, you get unlimited access to scheduled personalized lessons with live online support. Once a lesson is completed, we will see the results. Based on how well each child is doing, we can recommend that they remain on this package or choose a different package (see below) for more intensive one-one support. This way, those students who are doing well will continue to enjoy our very low rates.

Save with our bundled offers

For students needing intense support, get up to four online lessons per week from as little as £25. Save more than 60% with our bundled offers (based on the normal rates of £25 per hour for KS2, KS3 and KS4, and £30 per hour for A’ level).

KS2 maths, english, science£100£270 (save 10% more)£510 (save 15%)£720 (save 20%)
KS3 maths and science£120 (save £80)£324 (save 10% more)£612(save 15%)£864 (save 20%)
KS4 maths, biology, chemistry, physics£160 (save £40)£432 (save 10% more)£816 (save 15%)£1152 (save 20%)
A’ LEVELS: Any one from maths, physics, chemistry, biology£120 (save £80)£324 (save 10%)£612 (save 15%)£864 (save 20%)
A’ LEVELS: Any two from maths, physics, chemistry, biology£160 (save £80)£432 (save 10% more)£816 (save 15%)£1152 (save 20%)
A’ LEVELS: Any three from maths, physics, chemistry, biology£200 (save £160)£540 (save 10% more)£1020 (save 15%)£1440 (save 20%)
*Prices quoted are per student. A further 10% discounted is offered per sibling.

Cash back scheme

Students can earn back up to £5 weekly from tutoring. Those on the more expensive packages can earn points for consistently making good progress. These points can be converted to cash in the form of reduced fees, which go back to the student as a personal reward.

How we are different from other tutoring providers

With us, you get experience and expertise.  We have been teaching online since 2009. This much experience means we know what works.

We believe in deep learning, and to facilitate this, we provide a personalized learning experience. This means we consider your current level and tailor the support we provide to help you make rapid and sustained progress.


We do not charge hourly. This removes time limitations and gives you the freedom to learn at your pace, and have lessons as often as is necessary.

We have a single fee structure. This means you pay a single monthly, termly or annual fee which covers both mathematics and science courses. You are not billed for separate subjects.

We will help to cover the cost of your equipment. We use a blended learning approach which requires specific equipment to be effective. We will give you up to 30% of the cost of equipment in the form of fee discounts.

Focus on mastery

Children are a lot more capable than you might imagine. All they need is the right support. We spend as much time as is necessary on each topic, repeating lessons as required until mastery is achieved. We then move the children to the next level as soon as they are ready. For example, our KS2 students are moved on very quickly to KS3 content. It is often surprising to see how fluent a year five child can be with year seven or year eight content.

Choosing the right tutor

When selecting a tutor, a good profile may definitely grab your attention. What you want however is the proof of the pudding – as quickly as possible. This is why our students are assessed in each lesson, and the result immediately shared with parents. You can then see very clearly how your child is progressing after just a few lessons. Good tutoring should provide opportunity for deep learning and for rapid growth in independence and self-confidence. With our programme you will begin to see these changes within days.


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