We provide a range of services to facilitate 21st-century learning. 

We provide tutoring and learning support for students enrolled in primary, secondary and A'level maths and science courses. English is offered for primary only. 

Here are some great reasons to sign up right now:

  • Flexible affordable packages 
  • free initial assessment
  • Personalised learning programme
  • Scheduled one - to - one sessions
  • Live online support as required

An exciting and interactive programme where students can dive into the fascinating world of science and mathematics! This programme is designed to spark curiosity and inspire young minds through hands-on experiments and activities.

This is STEM on steroids!

Our Mission

  • To boost the educational attainment of all children 
  • To equip them with vital 21st-century skills.
  • To take them well beyond what the school can do
  • To give them the space to discover their gifts
  • To teach them the true value of learning
  • To get them to use their imagination and creativity like never before!

At G.A.T.E, our mission is to ensure that all students everywhere are engaged to the highest degree possible, by providing access to the best resources available.

We constantly survey the global educational landscape in search of what works well. We then partner with a range of entities to promote effective strategies and develop workable solutions to diagnosed problems in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.